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Mega East provides the best and reliable service in frontier spirit, all sincerity and initiative in doing computing business; extensive services including hardware & software, a wide range of accessories for wholesaling, system configuration, network maintenance project, tailor-made application and web-hosting, etc, as well as a total solution for corporate clients. Since the first day of our establishment, we have been serving hundreds of corporate clients and now a computer accessories-distributor for over 300 retailers selling our quality and inexpensive products to the massive individuals. As we live in an age of rapid technological advance, computers become necessities in terms of business environment.

However, there are incremental difficulties in operating computers, such as virus attack, advertising junk, incorrect operation, inappropriate software, failure of hardware, compatibility of hardware and software, etc, they could happen to bring unpredicted loss to the users. Therefore, regular maintenance became an integrant part. Whereas, some of the clients may hire amateur technicians (not formally trained as IT maintenance technician) to save their cost and end up paying a way lot more than expected; some of them have their professionals in-house, paying comparably a higher fix cost and may not have enough resources to keep an eye on full picture, such as software, operation system and hardware problem.

With years of efforts in providing top-quality IT business solutions, Mega East has been well recognized by our clients especially in the area of computer maintenance.

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