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Web Database application is an application program that will convert your traditional reports generated by your own company database to HTML format and present the web based report through Internet.

We fully understand that that our customers are very concern on the security issue, we shall leave the database intact in the customer's office. We only implement the application program at customer site.

Enterprise Demand
With the coming of the broadband age, the cost of bandwidth is reducing at a much faster pace than before, in fact it has come down to a price that most SMEs can afford to pay. By adopting the web database application, supply chains branches can now access to their head office server to retrieve information from the database and get the latest report presented in web based format through Internet. Companies can use the e-procurement to process their purchase orders, trading and manufacturing companies can streamline their order and fulfillment process, warehouse can shorten the product delivery process and improve customer service and government and institutions can provide on-line training to their in-house staff.

In the commercial market, information technology is one of the most important tools to help company grow faster and bigger, successful companies need a system that can enable them to reach their customers at the fastest possible way and maintain a strong communication channels with their in house staffs. This will not only increase the productivity of the company but also generate more revenue and business opportunity for the company.

To take the advantage of the technology forefront and ride on Internet wave, companies can now adopt web database applications to their company database at any where and any place in global sense.

Web Database Application
The application side of web database application is very broad, it can apply to all nature of trade, manufacturing, education and government institute. Web database applications can be applied to following system:

  • On-line/Real-time registration systems
    • E-business applications
    • Electronic procurement and retail supply chain process
    • Searchable on-line database
    • Distance learning applications
    • Streaming audio and video
    • Sales performance monitoring system
    • On-line sales and inventory control system
    • POS system for supply chain stores
    • Manufacturing and purchasing applications
    • On-line order tracking system
    • On-line customers enquiry system
    • Document management system

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