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Homepage Design to meet your Budget and Corporate Requirement
To have a presence on the Internet is the hottest topic in town for each Corporate Planning Executive, and very often cost is one of their key concern in their budget planning. Mega East offers the most attractive homepage design package to our customers. We can tailor your requirements from a simple four pages A4 size package to a large scale homepage with hundred of pages.

A Powerful and Dynamic Tool in Sales and Marketing
Internet is the largest and perhaps the fastest growing network that the world ever has. The number of Internet users has been growing more than 100 percent annually for the past few years. Today, whenever you pick up a newspaper or watch the television, you will certainly come across a reference to the Internet. A Corporate Homepage will not only allow you to have a presence on the Internet, it is in fact an around the clock, 7 days-a-week advertising tools of your corporation. More and more companies are using their homepage to advertise their product, promote their company image and enhance their communication channel with their customers.

Professional Homepage Design and Production
Mega East is well experienced in designing commercial as well as professional firms' homepage. We design homepages for professional bodies as well. We understand professional standards and professional ethics requirements. Our web master can cater to the needs of our customers and premium design Website with most advanced computer technology incorporating cutting edge technology such as Java and CGI programming as well as animation and multimedia Website production.

For details about the above please call us at 3188-6683, we can provide free consultancy and answers to your question and generate new business for you.

Plan A
Plan B

10 pages in A4 content static HTML
Email Form
1 Flash Opening (5 Seconds)
Free 1-Year Web Hosting
Free 1 .com.hk domain name
5 email address
*Free setup fee


20 pages in A4 content static HTML
Email Form
1 Flash Opening (10 Seconds)
Free 1-Year Web Hosting
Free 1 .com.hk domain name
10 email address
*Free setup fee


Additional pages each A4 page HK$200.00/page.
Additional Forms HK$500.00/form.
Additional photo/logo scanning HK$200.00/each.
Additional artwork that requires professional artist on Quotation.
Monthly hosting of up to 30 Megabyte plus 2 pages updating HK$ 500.00/month.

For more detailed about our service, please contact Mega East.